Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Summer is FLYING

I can't believe it is the end of July. Last week Sam was away at a History course at Bowdoin College and I was on my own with the kids. We kept very busy and had a lot of play dates as it was my survival tactic to wear Skyler out so she would nap for me. It worked on half the days. It's a good thing Reed is so darn agreeable so I can really take him anywhere to let Skyler run wild. This week it is my turn to be in school. I am taking my last grad class for my masters, a great writing class with two of my favorite professors from 9-3:30 for 5 days straight. It is very mellow. They basically give us some structured group time and the rest of the time send us off with our laptops and coffee to write. How unbelievably luxurious. I'm happy with the personal essay I'm working on. We will all share our work with the rest of the class on Friday. Sam is doing great with the kids at home, though he's glad to see me at 4:00.

For our 6th anniversary this weekend we are off to Auburn Mass for the the Danskin's all women's Triathlon. There are 3000 women registered to race. After my battles with strep throat and double ear infections over the last two weeks I am now healthy. I am so ready and so excited (okay, and a good bit nervous too). The race is at 7am on Sunday so think of me. West coasters will be just getting up as I'm finishing. The forecast is for thunderstorms so that should be interesting. Skyler is staying here with my mom (thank the lord) and Sam and Reed will be cheering me on. I'll definitely let you know how it goes!


Tiercy said...

Hey Emilie,

This blog looks really great! You've inspired me to take one on for us. However, it will have to be when I get back from Maryland, we leave in just 6 days and I already feel like there is tons to do.

I love your site and knowing what the Manharts are up to.