Thursday, August 30, 2007


There are SO MANY other things I should be doing to get ready for my first week of teaching. Really. But instead (though it is after 10 pm AND I have a headache) I'm going to tell you funny things Skyler said today... of course!

At an English Department gathering at my colleague/friend Susan's house today, someone asked Skyler, who was frantically hunting down the kitten, if she had a cat at home. It was a simple question, really. She answered: "No. We have a dog. His name is Charlie. And he is black. And he is getting old, and his back legs really hurt and it JUST BREAKS DADDY's HEART." (she pauses between words for the maximum emotional impact on her audience at the end there).

Tonight I took her to the grocery store with me for a "special mommy and skyler adventure" (yes, to the grocery store) and she does this new thing where she does a running commentary of the groceries for the cashier: "this is applesauce for baby Reed (as she hands the items one at a time to the poor girl), this is mommy's special soap, this is a whole lot of cheese for my daddy, this is special skyler cereal (I guess I use the word special quite a bit), and this is BEER (she yells) for my DADDY!" Then she turns that last item into a little song: "Beer beer beer for my daddy daddy daddy." The man behind us for some reason was trying really hard not to laugh. He kept looking away and smirking. Very funny. And, for the first time in years (I think) I got carded for buying said beer, thank you very much. Must be that special soap!

Last one: A couple days ago when we were at the park, Skyler said to her friend McKayla, who was anxious to leave and go back to our house: "Soon, sweetheart."


Kelly Jane Dahl said...

i love being able to laugh with you at all the hysterical things skyler says and does. thanks for sharing!!


Lisa said...

oh my gosh... I just cried tears of sadness over Charlie and then tears of laughter over Skyler's antics. Would love to hear her voice. Glad you have such rich mommi and daddiness.


Lisa said...

and glad to hear Sam and I share a love for beer. Uncle Dan would be proud...(I think?) ;)