Sunday, September 16, 2007

Race for the Cure

Here are pics from today's 5K in Bangor. Seeing the survivors and all the support for family members gets me really emotional every year. I thought a lot about my dad today, and about my mother-in-law Lila, a TWO-time breast cancer survivor.

What keeps this race light and fun for me is that most of the Bangor High School sports teams walk it and the course is a loop, so on my way down the hill coming toward the finish, there are hoards of my students walking up the hill yelling "Go Ms. Manhart!" Sam was a sport again and entertained the kids while I ran, which today, also involved restraining Skyler who had little use for "watching" a running race. She literally made a run for it when the race was just starting, so when I left to line up for the start, she was just beside herself. We made up for it by letting her run around after and dance on the ceremony stage. It was a beautiful day.

Lining up for the start.

Off we go...

... and here I come.

Susan and I started off together but got separated... and she totally smoked me.

This is the downtown Bangor waterfront where the race started and ended that has totally been redone since we moved here. It is so nice down there now.

Skyler burning off some energy on the stage.


Tiercy said...

Good job running! I've heard competitive racing can be addictive. = > Downtown looks beautiful.

Meredith said...

YOU ARE the new running woman... well done! I can't wait to be out there with you.

Emilie said...

Every time I do one of these events, I think "Meredith will be with me next year." (And I'll be chasing your dust.

Kara said...

Congrats on the run! Glad you are out there supporting such a great cause. As soon as I am able, I am going to lace up the shoes and start my new program.