Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Skyler Funnies

First of all, Friday night I was as happy as I could be, hot-glueing flowers and butterflies onto wooden dowels for the magic wands that will be used at Skyler's "woodland fairy" birthday party next weekend WHILE watching the Red Sox win and clinch the division title.

Now, here are some moments from our day:

Instead of napping, Skyler insisted on helping me cook. We made chicken satay, and she stirred the peanut sauce to perfection.

While I was cleaning up, she snagged a lime from the counter and loved it. "MOM!!! You won't BELIEVE how smiley this tastes." Smiley. It sort of works if you don't know the word sour, right?

Dear Aunt Liesel,
My mom let me open your birthday present early. Please don't be mad. I had a ball for HOURS putting the Tinker Toys together. We made this awesome tractor and then I decorated it with every single piece in the bucket. THANK YOU!
Love, Skyler

I was surprised at how much Skyler understood about building with Tinker Toys. We looked at the pictures in the "destructions" (directions + instructions?... ironic) and then she would figure out how to build each part, with my help of course. She has been working with this on and off all day today.

Here is Skyler having dinner with her best buds Ella, Beckett and Killian at the Carvers' tonight.

Skyler going potty with a tambourine on her head. (She will LOVE this photo when she's 14)

Skyler took it upon herself to escort Ella and Beckett to the potty every time they had to go (she feels she's an expert in this department). Jason peeked in to witness Skyler putting her hand on Beckett's back (who was sitting on the potty) and saying: "It's okay. I'm here."


Kara said...

She is such a cutie!! Is her bday the 5th of Oct? Happy Bday early!! Love,KARA