Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some random shots from our week

Mr. Blue Eyes

Yesterday was Reed's "6 month" appointment at the pediatrician (He's actually 7 1/2 months). Our doctor was asking about how Skyler and Reed get along. "Oh. Amazingly well. I mean, really fantastic! In the history of siblings, there has never been a more loving and peaceful pair..." (I go on). Right on cue, Skyler crosses the exam room and SNAPS the toy out of Reed's hands and he SCREAMS with the injustice of it all, his greedy sister! I swear this ALWAYS happens to me. Just last week I was bragging to a friend about Reed sleeping 12 hours straight at night (he did so for about 10 days). What do you know? He's waking up every 4 hours again. Why don't I learn!?

This IS (I swear) how they usually play together.

Kimmie got a DVD that just plays a scene from the beach continuously and there are seagulls squawking and wave sounds, etc. She decided to have an indoor beach party for the girls, so I dressed her in the beachiest fall outfit we have and they spent the day collecting shells in buckets and having their picnic lunch on beach towels in Kimmie's living room.

Skyler wearing her new smart fall coat!


Sarah said...

Reed really couldn't be any cuter.

Um, isn't it fun being a smug parent? It only lasts a few moments though, until one of my kids has a tantrum/pulls their brother's hair/whines until I want to lock myself in the bathroom and scream. Thank goodness we arent expected to really know what we're doing!

Tiercy said...

So, I was wondering if Reed had gotten any shots at his apointment and if your title was a play on that. You have adorable children! Where does Skyler get her curly hair? She and Breanna...

Baute Family said...

Well I can't believe my dear friend has these 2 absotuelt beatuiful children and I've never even been able to kiss them. I pay for the day we can reunite and I can eat those cute cheeks of theirs. I love and miss you Em. Looks like you are all doing very well.