Thursday, September 13, 2007

We have our fun

My cousin Paige recently recounted a story about her daughter's dance teacher saying to a child in class who claimed "I can't do that," that CAN'T stands for CURRENTLY AM NOT TRYING. It stayed with me. Tonight during the full-on bedtime/bathtime meltdown chaos, I was trying to grate a little ginger for our dinner and Sam tried to hand Reed to me. (I can complete a lot of tasks with a baby in one arm but grating ginger is not one of them). "I can't have him while I'm getting Skyler out of the tub," he said. I tried it out: "CAN'T means you CURRENTLY ARE NOT TRYING." Well, I thought it was fun.

Needless to say, Reed happily CRAWLED, (yes, crawled) around on the floor while Skyler was wrestled into her jammies and then held down (yes, held down) to have her hair brushed. What fun! Hair brushing has to get physical at our house every night and every morning, but Sam simply won't let me cut her hair. He has a long hair thing, which is why mine is almost down my back. We are the girls in his life and our long hair makes him happy.

So, Reed is crawling! He doesn't have his belly up yet, but he does this amazingly efficient army type crawl with his elbows, slithering on his belly. Nothing gets him moving faster than a newly-constructed tower of blocks assembled by Skyler. He will cross the room in the blink of an eye. Ah, sweet revenge. Skyler has disassembled many a block tower built by her cousins Cameron and Grant.

Here are some shots from today.
6 a.m. and ready to snuggle. Skyler wakes up in this I'm-in-love-with-Reed mode and she can't keep her hands off of him. She wanted to hold him this morning and then said, "Mom, go get the camera." Done and done.

After the hair brush battle (a.m. version)

This is Reed's new chair. I can explain the double chin: For dinner he has TWO jars of veggies mixed with rice cereal or oatmeal plus a bowl of mashed bananas plus a whole rice cake. I love feeding him because he opens his mouth like a baby bird between bites.

This expression is Reed's status quo. I'd swear he slept with this wide smile, but I've checked. How can we not be so happy with this face to greet us every time we catch his eye?


Tiercy said...

I love the 411 on your little ones. Glad to know there's company in the battles of everyday life with little ones. Funny, I posted a blog about bedtime too.

Kara said...

Its nice to know we all have our battles! I love the pics!