Sunday, October 14, 2007

A big triumph (and a few small defeats)

I hesitate to write this in print, as I have learned before, but because I posted about the bed-time traumas, I thought I'd update that that Super Nanny knows what she is doing. It took one battle (the 44 times night) and since then, she totally gets it. Bedtime works like clockwork. Not a tear, not a whimper, not a whine. Just kisses good night and out I go.

Now, if only I could find the magic solution to Skyler's other antics:
being rough with Reed, refusing to try new foods, baby-talking when she knows she's being naughty, screaming, ignoring me, skipping her naps (read on)...

Today, I put her down for her nap and I knew she wasn't sleeping. I heard her pounding around, but she knows that she has to at least stay in her room. After 1.5 hours, here is how I found her, trying to sleep...

...with a lawn chair on her head.

"Mommy, I tried to sleep."

I feel compelled to add that Skyler has her very sweet moments. But you all know that already.

Look who else is getting into trouble...


Carver Fam said...

Okay, so I am out of the Manhart loop because so focused on getting the Carver blog up and running (thanks for all your comments- they are SO fun to read). I had to check it out when you said Sklyer and ELla were conspiring to bring us down. You are right!
what is up with that??? I cannot believe 44 times!! I love the "whose in charge?" bit. Too funny... Baby Reed looks utterly dashing in the pictures. Loved the birthday party- thanks so much for throwing such a great bash! We love you!
P.S. I know you will check the blog for baby updates- but have no fear- I will call you when we go into labor.

The Kendall (well, Lally Kendall) Family said...

Do you ever just feel like these girls are smarter than us? I have to admit that I do sometimes. Jo Jo, the Super Nanny, does know what she's talking about. However, do you really think all of these issues are resolved in just one episode? I think not. We're on night two of McKayla's apparent insomnia episode. Wish us luck!