Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The ups and downs.

Skyler is downright delightful when she is kept busy and engaged. Duh.
She is so into cooking right now and we worked together on another batch of these yummy and super healthy power bars (the recipe I already sent to some of you):
And then off to the yard to rake with Sam. Physical exhaustion pays off.

Until bedtime when she's slowly working her way back to her old tricks. Here's the rub: I am fine with the stern right-back-to-bed routine when she gets up, and it always works after between one and five times. But sometimes she seems genuinely upset/scared/worried. Tonight at dinner time she said: "Don't leave me alone. I don't want to die." (Where does THAT come from?) And at bedtime she got really upset that Sam left to go swimming after tucking her in. She was worried that "He'll never come back ever again." I know that this is just developmental stuff and that I need to not let her slowly build back to the super-manipulation bed time act. But I second guess myself when she seems upset at bedtime every night. Welcome to the guilty working mom complex. I guess I need to spend some time with just her this weekend. Ugh. I'm off to bed.


The Kendall (well, Lally Kendall) Family said...

Be compassionate Emilie, but don't get sucked in :o) They are master manipulators. I swear! Let's chat. It sounds like we're going through a lot of the same stuff right now. By the way, can McKayla come over to your house to cook? I hate the mess :o)