Sunday, October 21, 2007

A day with my daughter who thinks I'm really cool.

Skyler and I had a special afternoon outing today; spending some time, just the two of us is very rare. In fact, I know it meant a lot to her so I need to schedule such outings more often (like maybe more often than once every... how old is Reed?.. 8 1/2 months).

We went to my friend April's house to make and decorate Halloween cookies with her daughter Anna. Skyler spent (no joke) 25 minutes on one cookie for Daddy that was so piled with icing and sprinkles that she ended up topping it with another cookie just to contain it. It was quite a frosting sandwich. Did Sam eat it? Do you know Sam? (he loves his sugar).

Rolling out the dough

Waiting on the porch while the cookies cool

Icing and "sparklies"

On the way home we were listening to our usual kids' CD of Skyler's choice, and we were on track 3, "Down on Grandpa's Farm." We had the windows down (warm lovely day) and the music was cranked way up. We were totally rocking out. Hand gestures, head bopping, etc. I was right in the middle of busting out the cow verse: "Down on Grandpa's farm there is a big brown cow. (repeat) The Cow. It makes a sound like this. MMMMMOOOOOOO. The Cow. It makes a sound like this. MMMMMMOOOOOOOO" (Imagine my face, okay). In the midst of a MMMMOOOOO, a car pulled up next to me on the highway. It was a guy, nice looking, no shirt, cigarette in one hand. He checked me out for a half a second, and then, well, I was mid MMMOOOOOOO and he took off.

"WAIT!!!!!" I wanted to shout.

I looked in the mirror at Skyler. She was still rockin'. We continued on.
"The sheep. It makes a sound like this. BBBBBAAAAAAAAAA."


The Kendall (well, Lally Kendall) Family said...

Maybe McKayla can join you guys for baking. The sight of the flour alone makes me cringe. I just have to get over this :o)

By the way, I think you're still cool!