Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Ready to head out into the neighborhood...
Reed the cow and Skyler the tree:

Skyler posing like a tree. When not standing in this position, she was mistaken for
a "pile of leaves" by one neighbor. I'll try not to take that personally.

Reed hung out way past his bed time, but remained a happy cow.

Mmmmm.... candy.

Here is the aerial view so you can see the bird nesting atop Skyler's head.

The trick-or-treat gang:

Killian, Beckett, me, Reed, Skyler, Rosalyn and Meredith

When Skyler gets really excited, and is also a bit over-tired, she tends to lose control over her body. She trips and falls and bumps into things. So, trick-or-treating sounded like this: "SKYLER SLOW DOWN! WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE! NO, SKYLER! WAIT FOR THE BOYS! WATCH OUT FOR THE CURB!"
She face planted into the lawn at least 4 times and lost all the candy out of her pumpkin. Her bird nest askew, she'd find her balance, scoop up her candy, and not-so-gracefully head for the next driveway. Good thing she was a tree and not a ballerina. We're pretty sure she'll never be a ballerina. Of course, we got two full blocks away when she stopped and said: "My legs are tired. I need you to carry me."

And so, with Reed in the bjorn (22 lbs), and Skyler on one hip (33 lbs), and a little pumpkin full of candy (1 lb), I ran home. Good workout. Halloween is tiring, but great fun. When we got back, we got the kids settled and then ate the great crab cake dinner Sam had made for us (my mom was here too). And now I am really ready for bed.


Tiercy said...

Sounds like a tiring, but successful Halloween. Love the tree costume, especially the nest. Good job! Next year, can I come over to your house for Halloween dinner? Crab cakes are one of my all time favorites!!! And, I refuse to buy seafood in Utah, totally land locked; or, maybe I was just spoiled by seafood on the Eastern shore.

Kara said...

I love the costumes~~ You need to start your own business doing themed parties for kids. Your ideas for decorations and costumes are amazing! Love,KARA

Kelly Jane Dahl said...

I agree....Halloween certainly is tiring as a mom. But fun too. Glad you had such a nice time!

Meredith said...

I worried about you trying to haul them home... holy cow. You headed back just in time to miss Beckett saying to an elderly lady just after she gave him candy, "You have scary teeth." Her reply? "Yes, I have scary teeth." We couldn't get out of there fast enough...

Thanks for a fun night,