Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Is there an echo in here?

Three things Skyler said to me today, (where do you think she heard these before?)

"This is ridiculous."
"Mom, I am NOT going to play this game with you tonight."
"I just can't take this anymore."

Last week, Skyler was bitten by Alyssa at day care on the stomach. Today, Alexis bit her on the butt. Kimmie seems to be handling it really well, and I'm not overly concerned.

Just to be sure, on our way home today, I said to Skyler:
"Skyler, you would never bite Alyssa or Alexis, would you."
Skyler: "No! I only bite chicken. Or other food. If I ever feel like biting, I just get some food."
It's simple, really.


The Pagleys said...

This is too funny. I love being able to see the thought process of small children. Like you said, it is simple, really.