Thursday, October 18, 2007

A quick little getaway

Meredith, Rosalyn and I snuck away for an afternoon on Mt. Dessert Island, taking advantage of the best fall colors I've ever seen in Maine. We sat on the beach, ate in Bar Harbor, and walked along the water before heading back to reality. The weather was perfect, and Meredith and I finally had a few hours of conversation without kids to tend to. Lucky me. (Not necessarily apparant in this photo, Rosalyn is as easy-going and happy as Reed was as an infant.)

If you can enlarge this photo on your screen, do so, and check out that quaint little sea-side home.

Walking on Sand Beach

Girls in Bar Harbor

This shot was taken on the bridge about a mile from our house. The colors!


Meredith said...

Thank you, my dear, for such a lovely afternoon. It was such a treat to have that time with you, to sit in the sharp air for those leisurely chats that seem so hard to come by these days. You're my favorite.

Sarah said...

it is so, so so sos soooooo beautful there. lucky you. colorado has mountains, but not the lovely sea...

The Kendall (well, Lally Kendall) Family said...

What a treat to spend a day like that. I'm envious! Great pictures.