Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rained Out

Today we had big plans for "Pumpkin Fest," our friends' annual Halloween party at their farm house, and a pig roast fall celebration for Sam's faculty. But it is raining, hard. We may head out to the Halloween party later anyway, but pumpkin carving and hot cider are SO much nicer in the sunshine on their beautiful property.

We successfully made Skyler's Halloween costume this morning (she wants to be a tree). Then, to amuse ourselves, Skyler is jumping from the steps onto our spare bed downstairs. I know. Please contain your enthusiasm.

Tonight, the Sox play in Colorado (Hey Sarah, are you guys following your team?)
Skyler has started talking about Papelbon (which makes me think I might be talking about him too much) but she calls him "Applepie." Friday morning she said: "Hey Mommy, did Applepie do a good job last night?" Yes, Skyler. Applepie was really good.

Sam let me sleep until 8:00 today so I will have no trouble making it up for the big game tonight. (People who knew me before I became a New Englander may have trouble making sense of my Sox fanaticism. I don't know what to tell you. Even Sam, who started all of this, is slightly alarmed.)


Sarah said...

i love the jumping pictures, just wait till reid is a little older, they will be playing for hours on end doing stuff like that. and yes, skyler i'm sure will be a little bossy pants! (henry is, and he's not even the older one!)
I'm not following "our" team. i am making my father so sad, not being anything of a commercial sportsfan. (my husband doesnt watch sports either, never has, and i think i just lost interest over the years.) right now i feel like a total idiot... i didnt even know what colorado's baseball team was called, let alone that they were in the world series.
(can you tell i dont read the newspaper either?) NPR doesnt really cover sports. :)

Sarah said...

ps- go sox!

Emilie said...

Um, sarah? Even NPR has been talking about the World Series :) What is funny is that the first time I ever watched sports on TV was with your family watching the Final 4 games!