Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reed's world

Reed Gabriel is just about 9 months old.

What he can do:
Crawl, stand up, cruise along the furniture,
clap his hands, say: "ab-da," flirt, charm, wave,
eat cheeries, blueberries, tiny pieces of turkey,
and peas by the handful, and
knock down Skyler's block towers.

When I went to get Reed out of our church nursery this morning, he was crawling around happily, (and had been happy the whole hour, as always). When he looked up and saw me standing there, his lower lip shot out and his eyes filled up with big wet tears. That is Reed for you. He just keeps it all together, doesn't incovnience anyone with too much emotion, but can't hide his love for mom. What a GOOD baby. I am SO lucky.


The Kendall (well, Lally Kendall) Family said...

What a beautiful picture! You've really got this blogging thing down!


Kara said...

Could he get any cuter? He is a little charmer.