Saturday, October 13, 2007

To the pumpkin patch

We finally made it to Treworgy Farms for pumpkins, goards, and goat feeding. It is getting pretty cold, but still sparkly and sunny.

With all the pumpkins in the patch that were as big as Skyler, she was happiest with this "little yellow sparkley one."

After last night's battle, Skyler has redeemed herself with these comments:
"Isn't it so lovely to be outside in the sunshine?"
And, she told me her best friend was "Jolly Lolly." I asked her to tell me about this friend. She said: "She does NOT have a naughty spirit, she does not talk badly and she does not do fights." What an excellent influence on our girl!


Tiercy said...

What a fun day for you guys. I love all the trees on the East Coast. Cute pics.