Friday, October 12, 2007

Two points Mommy

To say that we have been having a power struggle with Skyler for the last two weeks would be a bit of an understatement. The girl is testing us on every possible level. I feel like my time with her is a constant battle. Serious talks. Eye-to-eye explanations. Grabbing toys. Refusing to listen. Throwing. Hitting. Time out after time out after time out.

Then, Wednesday night, my writing group was here but Skyler's gradually increasing manipulation and refusal to go to bed (think screaming a blood-curdling scream, banging the walls, leaping into my arms when I try to walk out of the room) hit an all-time high. I ended up leaving my friends in the living room for an hour while I sat with her until she simply passed out of exhaustion.

Thursday night, I took control. I learned this method from a few episodes of Super Nanny. When she refused to stay in bed, I walked out. She got up. I put her back, no talking. She got up. I put her back. We did it 44 times, but I won. She gave up and finally went to sleep quietly (with the tears and sweat plastering the hair to the side of her face)

Friday night. Before we went up, I said: "Skyler, who is in charge." She said "Mommy." She started to freak out after stories. She held onto me and screamed. (We had talked about this a lot all day to prep her for this moment). I told her that if her foot hit the floor than she lost her video for another night. She said: "I can do it Mommy." I left. She cried hard for 3 minutes, but she never got up. She's asleep.

I won again. But this sucks.


Meredith said...

44 times!? That girl's got some fight in her. It can only get easier from here...

Love and hugs to you.

Sarah said...

emilie, henry and skyler are cut from the same cloth. i feel your pain girl! remember how much that will and persistence will serve them later in life (and already now). my oldest is so noncommittal about things and henry is the opposite; i see how there are major benefits in henry's strength and choleric temperament. you are doing great- dont doubt yourself!

also i got that photo on my homepage by "customizing" my blog. it was pretty easy.

Tiercy said...

Sometimes parenting is the hardest thing to do ever!! I've seen that technique on the Super Nanny too and am sure I will have to use it with my strong willed daughter one day. Do you think she can sleep in the crib until she leaves home for college?