Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Watch out for Reed!

This week has been a blur of teaching, meetings, grading, and teething. And, no more putting Reed down to play quietly in one spot. He now pulls himself up to standing (in the crib and anywhere else he can manage) and crawls from room to room faster than I can blink an eye. This new development is fun, yes, but it is putting a real damper on my ability to get anything done in the house. I turn around to put a dish in the dishwasher, and Reed-o is gone, crawled to the other room and standing in front of the radio, cranking up the volume.

I swear, that swing/ johnny-jump-up/ exer-saucer stage was exactly 45 seconds long. How many days do I have before he will run out the back door to "get the mail" like Skyler has been known to do?

So, how about those Red Sox, huh?
2004 is the last time the Sox won the World Series. Meredith pointed out that that was the year that Skyler and Beckett were born (the O'Reillys are hard-core sox fans too) and that this is the year Rosalyn and Reed were born, so we see this as an auspicious beginning to the series.
I went to bed at 8 pm the last two nights as recovery from Sunday's late game and preparation for tonight's. I wore my Papelbon (check him damn) shirt to school today. We are all set for tonight. Even Skyler said: "Mommy, I believe."


Carver Fam said...

I think the story about Grandpa's farm is HILARIOUS!!! I know the song so I can just imagine it- hot guy and all. I cannot believe Reed can pull himself up to standing. Where did this time go?? Good luck for the Red Sox tonight- I will not be doing a papelbon (sp?) - I will be going to bed shortly! Love you!! Suz