Saturday, October 6, 2007

Woodland Fairies

Okay! So, I had a little bit of fun decorating and planning this party. Here are some of the pre-party shots.

I made these floral wreaths for all the kids.

Even this extra-small one for baby Rosalyn.

And I made a little fairy tent (did you know that fairies live in tents?) for the kids' tables to go under.

The adult food table (Grandma Lila and Sam get all the credit for this)

Meet the fairies:
Skyler and Beckett



Beckett and Killian


Ella and Suzanne at the craft table: making magic wands

Skyler asked for "a tree cake with bugs on it." So, always eager to deliver, I made her a tree cake and lady bug cupcakes on the side.

"Happy Birthday to SKYLER"

Meryl going to town on her cupcake (Sorry to all the moms for the red food coloring!)

The butterfly pinata!

McKayla swung so hard she went woopsy doopsy.

When Killian stepped up to the plate, the other parents rushed over to scoot the little ones back a few feet. He has such determination in his stance. Needless to say, he took care of business and delivered the goods after 4 good whacks.

(And then my camera battery died). We all had such a nice time today. One thing I love about being in a large group with so many friends and kids is that, despite the moments of chaos, there is such a team aproach to parenting. All the moms and dads wipe faces, wash hands, put straws into juice boxes, and scoop up the little ones. The babies all get passed around. I feel very lucky for all of my friends, and Skyler is equally lucky to have such good buddies (AND to have gotten such amazing and generous gifts). As I write to you, everything is cleaned up, Reed is alseep, Skyler is bathed and settled down, and I'm ready to put my feet up.


Tiercy said...

What a fun party!! You did such a great job, maybe you'll have to be my party plan for next year's birthdays. I can't believe Skyler is 3! They grow up way too fast.

Kara said...

you could have your own business planning kids parties!! I loved everything about it!

Lisa said...

Martha Stewart watch out!! Wow Emilie. That party looks amazing! You really know how to pull it off you super mom! Glad you had such a great day.

The Pagleys said...

Hi Em,

Yep, I have to agree. THe party looks amazing. I love the fairie wreaths--however did you make those? And the tent was a great addition. No wonder Skyler could hardly contain her excitement!! I love the creativity that birthday parties provide. It's one more outlet to show our creativity and pour our love into to become a visible expression of the love we have for our children. Give Sklyer a birthday hug for us!!