Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ella's perfect birthday party

It's true there is a lot to learn from our friends the Carvers. Ella's 3rd birthday party was the perfect example: 2 hours at Penobscot Valley Gymnastics. The kids were so happy jumping around in a giant padded room for an hour, and eating cake and icecream and chasing balloons around in the party room for the 2nd hour, and it ended just before anyone had a meltdown. Done and done. Skyler was totally in her element in this place. I just might need to start taking her to classes there.

figuring out how to jump on the trampoline

Skyler is tucked in with Sandi's sister Kristi as this giant raft inflated.

The next few minutes everyone was a blur running by.

Reed joining in.

mer, beckett and killian resting after the romp

Skyler is appropriately wowed by the gorgeous butterfly cake Suzanne made!

Brooke, Ella, and Skyler, ready for cake!


Killian said...

That was a really, really fun party!!