Monday, November 26, 2007

A study in Skyler, and Reed with the girls

Skyler is going through a great phase right now. She is the most affectionate she has ever been in her life, and though certainly not every time, she seems to be finally getting how to be polite, using her soft voice and pleases and thankyous a lot more often. We've also been singing a lot of Christmas songs and she learns the words in a snap. These shots show the kinder-gentler Skyleroo. I hope she isn't just being good for Santa.

Reed has just about outgrown the baby bjorn. Now when I arrive at Kimmie's, he is actually hanging in the swings with the big girls. You should see the three of them loving on Reed. I'm guessing all the attention he gets poured on him all day long from these ladies is a good thing, right?


Christine said...

What happy, beautiful children!