Saturday, November 17, 2007

What we're up to

Sam and I each spent a day of home-readiness this week: My list was organizing closets, packing up baby clothes for passing on, packing away framed photos and anything cluttering shelves or surfaces, reorganizing and streamlining the toy areas, vacumming everywhere, even where the sun don't shine, and throwing away a bunch of useless junk! Sam painted and re-shelved our hall closet, re-caulked the edges in the bathroom, fixed the broken bathroom hooks and steam-cleaned the carpets.
And as of yesterday, the sign is up! (and now we wait... first showing is Monday)

Meanwhile, Reed and Skyler are up to their old routines. Reed empties the kitchen drawer about once an hour...

...and Skyler paints and glues and cuts and pastes and draws and works on her S shape.

This one is "a pinata with all of the candy coming out"


Kara said...

The pics are adorable! I love reading your blog. You were right it is very addicting!!

Killian said...

I love the blog, especially the part where Reed empties the drawer once an hour! Say hi to Uncle Sam for me!


Christine said...

We're here to accept hand me downs :o) Let me know if you need any help - organizing/cleaning is "my thing".

Good luck Monday!