Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Because the Manharts, Grandma Lila and Grandpa Joe, did not make it last night from Michigan (their flight was canceled because of the big midwest storm), we had Christmas Eve with just the 4 of us. We actually had a really amazing day, and the Manharts are in-flight as I write, so Skyler and Reed will wake up tomorrow to find their grandparents AND Santa's goodies.

We finished up our holiday baking and packed all of the treats to be delivered to our friends. Sam had an early morning swim practice, so the kids and I trekked around Bangor delivering baked goods, singing Christmas music, and feeling profoundly happy.

Here are the kids in the Christmas outfits. (Reed wasn't quite tucked in yet.)
Look at my big girl!

We then went to the 4:00 service at St. John's which was so beautiful. The end of the service is Silent Night by candle light. I remember this so fondly on every Christmas Eve growing up, and it was always my dad's favorite moment. I happened to have my camera in my purse so I took these photos of Sam and Skyler and April and Anna, our friends, during the procession. It was lovely.

And on the way home, I thought: my family is all so far away. My mom is in Vienna. My sister Liesel is in Utah. My brother Chris is in Mexico. Lisa and Mashi, my sister and brother-in-law are in Bali. We're way up here in Maine. And we are all under the same full moon. Merry Christmas to everyone out there, far and wide.

"Santa" is busy assembling a wooden easel while the kids are deep asleep in their matching snowman pajamas. Life is good.


Christine said...

Merry Christmas, Manharts! It's funny Emilie. I had the same thought as I was pointing out the moon to McKayla on our way home from church this evening. Thinking about us all under that same big, bright moon helped me feel a little closer to my family tonight. By the way, Skyler looks like quite the lady in the dress. Too bad she hadn't kept those sparkle shoes just one more day :o) Have fun tomorrow and thanks for our goodies!