Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sam's birthday and Skyler sledding

We celebrated Sam's birthday (the big 3-9!) in two separate sittings. First cake and presents after lunch!
Skyler was a little excited about decorating a cake and presenting it to Daddy. I thought her design was a bit "busy" but hey, she thought it was BEAUTIFUL.

Next we had a big plate of sushi love after kids were asleep. YUM. We arranged the sushi on the sushi platter that Lisa (Sam's twin) made us years ago, and we toasted her on her birthday far, far away. She and Mashi were celebrating in Bali. To think, Sam and Lisa started right in the same womb!

Do you see a tiny resemblance between Sam and his dad?

To the sled hill! Skyler's first try sledding down hill was a true success. I thought she might be a bit timid (silly mommy) but she was wild and brave and giggly. Grandpa Joe came along to cheer us on and to dutifully record the event (you don't say!) so we could include it on the blog.

Ready to shovel the driveway with Daddy.


Susan said...

MerryChristmasHappyBirthdaySamAndLisa! (is how I always thought of late December when we were kids). One present fits four.

Christine said...

I can't believe you'd actually think that Skyler would hit the slopes with anything but giggly enthusiasm. Silly mommy is right! Happy Birthday to Sam!

Tiercy said...

Wow, Emilie, you are looking great!! We went sledding (also "snowboarding" on Ethan's Santa present yesterday. It's amazing how much fun a little snow, a big hill, and a sled can give. Staying warm was the only challenge, but hot chocolate helped when we got home.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Sam! Glad you had such a beeeeuutiful cake. Looks lovely! When are we going to see your contributions to the blog?? We'd love to see you start writing, too!! Hi Susan - thanks for the birthday wishes!!