Thursday, December 27, 2007

Vacation days

We got to spend the day with our friend Anna today while her dad was in surgery (all ended well). We took advantage of Bangor's indoor play gym and wore the kids out. Toward the end of the playtime, there were a lot of kids there, including, serendipitously, several other kids from Skyler and Anna's Sunday school class. Nothing makes parents happier than huge mats and padded blocks in a safe, enclosed area! Even so, I was aware of how easy 2 kids seems compared with 3.

Sam gave the girls a ride on the scooter...

because Skyler was a bit too wild for Anna.

Later on they "napped" in Skyler's bed together.

And made their best camera faces.

I am loving every minute of my extra time with my kiddos. Oh yeah, and my back feels so much better (I forgot to post that there was nothing fractured, just soft-tissue damage, and I start physical therapy tomorrow). I'm encouraged b/c I've done 3 runs this week with only minor soreness. This really is the best Christmas present. Now... if we could just sell our house!


Christine said...

Great pictures of the girls!

Kelly Jane Dahl said...

So glad to hear that your back is feeling a bit better and I hope the physical therapy helps you too. Talk to you soon.

akmarple said...

Please tell Sam his Alaskan cousin says Happy Birthday!
I love the pictures of your kids.

Tiercy said...

what a fun day. i love activities that keep the kids busy and happy.