Saturday, December 22, 2007

Who had more fun here?

We had two of Skyler's best buds and their mommies over today for some Christmas crafts: gingerbread houses and snowmen cupcakes. Last night at 10:30 when I was up making the gingerbread houses out of graham crackers, I realized that really, I have been waiting my whole life for this stuff. I was already having a bit too much fun.

There was a fair share of candy eating going on here. We tried to monitor the amounts at first and gradually started looking the other direction as the m&ms and marshmallows started to disappear quite rapidly. It felt sort of like a science experiment. What will really happen to them if they eat this much sugar?

We took a break from the crafts (and the sugar) for a while to look at our cute babies and let the girls run around. Here are Suzanne and Maya

Reed, locked away at a safe distance from the sugar table.

Sandi (of the 6-pack abs) and Maya

Next, we got them arranged to make the snowman cupcakes that Suzanne had organized. These involved a cupcake base and then two donut holes coated in melted frosting and dressed up like snowmen. Sounds easy, right?

The girls thought so.

Here is what they were supposed to look like.

Ta Da! Here is Skyler's!

And McKayla's!

Ella didn't even take time to get to know her snowman.

McKayla doesn't like to get her hands dirty. She tried this approach.

Once the kids were cleaned up and back in the playroom (jumping off the stairs onto the bed, wild with sugar) we moms decided to see if it was even possible to make snowmen as cute as the ones in the magazine. (We think they didn't follow their own directions and used spray paint or something instead of frosting). We had so much fun making our own snowmen. I challenged my friends to a competition for the cutest snowman. Oops. That's not exactly the Christmas spirit. Suzanne, Christine, and I (while Sandi monitored our sugar-insane children) got to work. It was pretty cut-throat. I think that what was actually happening was that all our type A personalities were frustrated at watching our children make a total mockery of the snowmen cupcakes that we had to get our hands in there and make things right. Here are some soundbites:
"HEY. Watch your arm. That's my snowman's hat you almost knocked off."
"Honey, I can't help you right now. Mommy is VERY BUSY."
"I have a strategy for smoothing out the frosting. But I'm not sharing it with you."

What do you think? Can you see a Martha Stewart cover here?

They let me keep all three snowmen for Skyler's house. I think I am a little in love with them. Suzanne asked me if I was going to take them with me to Target tonight. Not a bad idea.

I figured out what happens when a 3yr. old eats a pound of sugar. Skyler started to meltdown (understatement) as everyone was leaving. Pretty soon she was speaking in tongues and her head was spinning in circles. We wrangled her into pajamas, gave her some fruit and some milk, and she fell asleep on the couch almost in mid sentence. We carried her to bed at 6:30.


Christine said...

I bet you're watching me watch you - if you know what I mean :o) Thanks for everything today. McKayla had a blast and I enjoyed it just as much. They say the camera adds 10 pounds, but my snowman still looks emaciated! By the way, all of my pictures came out blurry so I am borrowing yours as well as referring folks to your blog. Happy tracking and Merry Christmas!!

Tiercy said...

Emilie, you are too funny. I lvoe this blog. I am so glad that you were able to decorate the snowmen yourselves. looks like a very fun activity!


beth said...

Yvonn says: I just love your snowmen. they are so perfect. we could need them here for decoration. we have just decorated our christmas tree - it's a work of art. . We have already had fascinating days here exploring the various christmas markets and now we are looking forward to the REAL event tomorrow night. I wish you all a lovely Christmas and will write again before the New Year.

Baute Family said...

Em,those snowmen were the best. I was laughing so hard.I know how you think and I can just imagine you trying to make the very best one. I need an email address for you & cell# if u have me when u can.i enjoy your blog so much. as you can see i have been lacking on mine. i need to catch up.xoxoxoxo hugz & smooches