Friday, August 31, 2007

R.I.P Charlie boy

Our beloved and most loyal dog Charlie died today. We are full of sadness. He has been such an important part of our family for 13 years. Considering he started out on the streets of Detroit, we know he had a great life in Michigan, California, at NELP and then in Maine. He was the best, most loving dog we've ever known. Sam and I were both lying with him as he drifted off this afternoon.

Thursday, August 30, 2007


There are SO MANY other things I should be doing to get ready for my first week of teaching. Really. But instead (though it is after 10 pm AND I have a headache) I'm going to tell you funny things Skyler said today... of course!

At an English Department gathering at my colleague/friend Susan's house today, someone asked Skyler, who was frantically hunting down the kitten, if she had a cat at home. It was a simple question, really. She answered: "No. We have a dog. His name is Charlie. And he is black. And he is getting old, and his back legs really hurt and it JUST BREAKS DADDY's HEART." (she pauses between words for the maximum emotional impact on her audience at the end there).

Tonight I took her to the grocery store with me for a "special mommy and skyler adventure" (yes, to the grocery store) and she does this new thing where she does a running commentary of the groceries for the cashier: "this is applesauce for baby Reed (as she hands the items one at a time to the poor girl), this is mommy's special soap, this is a whole lot of cheese for my daddy, this is special skyler cereal (I guess I use the word special quite a bit), and this is BEER (she yells) for my DADDY!" Then she turns that last item into a little song: "Beer beer beer for my daddy daddy daddy." The man behind us for some reason was trying really hard not to laugh. He kept looking away and smirking. Very funny. And, for the first time in years (I think) I got carded for buying said beer, thank you very much. Must be that special soap!

Last one: A couple days ago when we were at the park, Skyler said to her friend McKayla, who was anxious to leave and go back to our house: "Soon, sweetheart."

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to work

Here are Skyler and Reed on their first day with Kimmie. The first day was great for both of them. Kimmie said that Skyler talked non-stop from 7:30 until noon when I picked them up. Both kids are napping well and Skyler is having a blast. Reed had a very fussy day today, but it seems to be teething more than missing his mama. Unfortunately I called Kimmie on a break at work and knew that Reed wasn't happy and then had a very heavy heart for the rest of the day. I know these transitions are tricky every fall and short-lived, but it still hurts. I missed them both all day. Thankfully, they are both sleeping really well at night so I can too.

This is where they wave goodbye as I leave :(

And I always find them happy as can be on the swings when I come back.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Last day of summer

Skyler and Reed head to Kimmie's (their daycare provider) tomorrow for a half day and then Wednesday is my first official day at work. So today was our last full day of summer. We had a great day at the playground and playing with friends McKayla and Kristian. This was the first time Reed was bigger than a friend and poor Kristian couldn't hold onto a toy for 10 seconds before Reed swiped it!

Very serious about their plastic fruit.

Humor me

Once in a while I bake something so pretty that I photograph it before it's gone. Please indulge me here... aren't these so darn cute? I made these chocolate mousse filled phyllo cups for my mama's 70th birthday today. She's coming for dinner tonight. Happy Birthday, Mom! You make 70 look mighty fine.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Reed Gabriel

Poor Reed has been left off the blog lately because his sister is so much fun to photograph and tell stories about. The truth is that I am so in love with this boy that I can't really even talk about it. (I'm getting very nostalgic here because I go back to work next week). Check out how squeezable he has become lately. Somehow my little infant son is one week away from 7 months old, almost sitting up, and cutting teeth like a madman. I've never known a baby to drool so much or literally gnaw on whatever he can get his gums (and two sharp teeth) around. He'll scoot all the way across the living room floor on his belly to chew on the leg of the coffee table. He also tells me he's hungry by grabbing onto my two ears with unfathomable power and pulling my face into his to bite on my chin. He's very passionate! Reed is also at the fun kitchen-utensil stage. He loves the measuring spoons and the soft rubber handle of the potato masher the best. Skyler and Reed are interacting so much more. She is so loving towards him and thinks it's hysterical when he grabs fistfulls of her hair. We'll see how long that is a source of fun!

Sitting up!

and tipping over!

American Folk Festival

Despite the return of hot and humid weather, the Folk Festival was really fun this year because Skyler is at a great age for it. Bangor just explodes with people; everyone comes out of the woodwork for this last weekend before school starts. This is the one time of year that Bangor seems like the place to be! We spent the most time contradancing which made me realize how much fun it is (we haven't done it since NELP) and I sort of want to go back tomorrow for more. We'll see. I had so much fun watching Skyler spin and spin on the dance floor; she had a good part of the audience's attention watching her too.

Contradancing in the Kenduskeag tent

Joy personified

The Carver family dancers!

Skyler always kindly lets us know when it is time to move on.

Making moraccas in the craft area

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More funnies

Here is one for the "Lord help us when she turns 15" Category:
After an hour and a half of "trying very hard" to take a nap (i.e, changing clothes several times, rearranging her room, and taking all the animals out of her cradle) Skyler came out to tell Daddy she was "awake." Sam told her she had to go back in and go to sleep. She came to me.
Skyler: "Daddy keeps telling me I have to go back in my room."
Me: "What would you like me to do?"
Skyler: "I just want you to let me BE MYSELF!"

And... earlier today, I heard Sam say to Skyler, rather empthatically, "Skyler, we do not wear potty seats on our heads." Our heads? I've been giggling all day at the image of all of us at a family meeting reluctantly taking the potty seats off of our heads because it is the right thing to do.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Parenting is just a hoot

Two things I actually said to Skyler today:
"Please wipe your boogers on your shirt instead of the couch."
"If you don't let me brush your hair we're going to have to go and get it all cut off."

At dinner, Skyler was climbing all over the place and fooling around. After debating about what she would eat and wouldn't eat and having a time out for climbing onto the back of the chair (and standing on it, yes), she asked for a "better spoon" to eat her peas. I was fed up. I gave her the biggest serving spoon I could find, about half the size of her head. She ate every last pea. Whatever it takes!

Skyler and Reed are bathing together lately. Tonight Skyler said: "Boys have penises and girls have vaginases."

Friday, August 17, 2007

Schoodic Lake

We are squeezing out every last drop of summer with less than 2 weeks to go before we return to work. Today we went to the Carver family camp on Schoodic Lake... 75 degrees, crisp, lovely. Skyler and Ella loved the water because it was so clear and sandy and shallow to the end of the dock. Thanks to Sandi and Suzanne for such a beautiful day.

This is vintage Skyler not wanting to leave...
..and here she is two minutes into the drive home.