Sunday, September 30, 2007

Here comes Reed

He's getting really fast, crawling from room to room, and moves especially quickly toward the camera.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Skyler Funnies

First of all, Friday night I was as happy as I could be, hot-glueing flowers and butterflies onto wooden dowels for the magic wands that will be used at Skyler's "woodland fairy" birthday party next weekend WHILE watching the Red Sox win and clinch the division title.

Now, here are some moments from our day:

Instead of napping, Skyler insisted on helping me cook. We made chicken satay, and she stirred the peanut sauce to perfection.

While I was cleaning up, she snagged a lime from the counter and loved it. "MOM!!! You won't BELIEVE how smiley this tastes." Smiley. It sort of works if you don't know the word sour, right?

Dear Aunt Liesel,
My mom let me open your birthday present early. Please don't be mad. I had a ball for HOURS putting the Tinker Toys together. We made this awesome tractor and then I decorated it with every single piece in the bucket. THANK YOU!
Love, Skyler

I was surprised at how much Skyler understood about building with Tinker Toys. We looked at the pictures in the "destructions" (directions + instructions?... ironic) and then she would figure out how to build each part, with my help of course. She has been working with this on and off all day today.

Here is Skyler having dinner with her best buds Ella, Beckett and Killian at the Carvers' tonight.

Skyler going potty with a tambourine on her head. (She will LOVE this photo when she's 14)

Skyler took it upon herself to escort Ella and Beckett to the potty every time they had to go (she feels she's an expert in this department). Jason peeked in to witness Skyler putting her hand on Beckett's back (who was sitting on the potty) and saying: "It's okay. I'm here."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sam's turn: The Black Bear Triathlon

It was a beautiful 70 degree day today for the Black Bear (University of Maine's Campus Rec Triathlon). Sam was psyched to meet all of his time goals including posting the fastest overall swim time.

Stretching out

Intimidating the competition?

The last heat getting ready to go

Reed cheering for Daddy

The apple came in handy when I was counting laps for Sam's swim

Waiting for Daddy to run into the stadium

She kept her eye on the finish line!

Finishing strong...

The rest of us all have colds so we stayed close to home this weekend. We have another busy week ahead of us, so we're trying to stay rested.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Some random shots from our week

Mr. Blue Eyes

Yesterday was Reed's "6 month" appointment at the pediatrician (He's actually 7 1/2 months). Our doctor was asking about how Skyler and Reed get along. "Oh. Amazingly well. I mean, really fantastic! In the history of siblings, there has never been a more loving and peaceful pair..." (I go on). Right on cue, Skyler crosses the exam room and SNAPS the toy out of Reed's hands and he SCREAMS with the injustice of it all, his greedy sister! I swear this ALWAYS happens to me. Just last week I was bragging to a friend about Reed sleeping 12 hours straight at night (he did so for about 10 days). What do you know? He's waking up every 4 hours again. Why don't I learn!?

This IS (I swear) how they usually play together.

Kimmie got a DVD that just plays a scene from the beach continuously and there are seagulls squawking and wave sounds, etc. She decided to have an indoor beach party for the girls, so I dressed her in the beachiest fall outfit we have and they spent the day collecting shells in buckets and having their picnic lunch on beach towels in Kimmie's living room.

Skyler wearing her new smart fall coat!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Race for the Cure

Here are pics from today's 5K in Bangor. Seeing the survivors and all the support for family members gets me really emotional every year. I thought a lot about my dad today, and about my mother-in-law Lila, a TWO-time breast cancer survivor.

What keeps this race light and fun for me is that most of the Bangor High School sports teams walk it and the course is a loop, so on my way down the hill coming toward the finish, there are hoards of my students walking up the hill yelling "Go Ms. Manhart!" Sam was a sport again and entertained the kids while I ran, which today, also involved restraining Skyler who had little use for "watching" a running race. She literally made a run for it when the race was just starting, so when I left to line up for the start, she was just beside herself. We made up for it by letting her run around after and dance on the ceremony stage. It was a beautiful day.

Lining up for the start.

Off we go...

... and here I come.

Susan and I started off together but got separated... and she totally smoked me.

This is the downtown Bangor waterfront where the race started and ended that has totally been redone since we moved here. It is so nice down there now.

Skyler burning off some energy on the stage.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

We have our fun

My cousin Paige recently recounted a story about her daughter's dance teacher saying to a child in class who claimed "I can't do that," that CAN'T stands for CURRENTLY AM NOT TRYING. It stayed with me. Tonight during the full-on bedtime/bathtime meltdown chaos, I was trying to grate a little ginger for our dinner and Sam tried to hand Reed to me. (I can complete a lot of tasks with a baby in one arm but grating ginger is not one of them). "I can't have him while I'm getting Skyler out of the tub," he said. I tried it out: "CAN'T means you CURRENTLY ARE NOT TRYING." Well, I thought it was fun.

Needless to say, Reed happily CRAWLED, (yes, crawled) around on the floor while Skyler was wrestled into her jammies and then held down (yes, held down) to have her hair brushed. What fun! Hair brushing has to get physical at our house every night and every morning, but Sam simply won't let me cut her hair. He has a long hair thing, which is why mine is almost down my back. We are the girls in his life and our long hair makes him happy.

So, Reed is crawling! He doesn't have his belly up yet, but he does this amazingly efficient army type crawl with his elbows, slithering on his belly. Nothing gets him moving faster than a newly-constructed tower of blocks assembled by Skyler. He will cross the room in the blink of an eye. Ah, sweet revenge. Skyler has disassembled many a block tower built by her cousins Cameron and Grant.

Here are some shots from today.
6 a.m. and ready to snuggle. Skyler wakes up in this I'm-in-love-with-Reed mode and she can't keep her hands off of him. She wanted to hold him this morning and then said, "Mom, go get the camera." Done and done.

After the hair brush battle (a.m. version)

This is Reed's new chair. I can explain the double chin: For dinner he has TWO jars of veggies mixed with rice cereal or oatmeal plus a bowl of mashed bananas plus a whole rice cake. I love feeding him because he opens his mouth like a baby bird between bites.

This expression is Reed's status quo. I'd swear he slept with this wide smile, but I've checked. How can we not be so happy with this face to greet us every time we catch his eye?

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Sunday's highlight

My good friend Adrienne has said a few times about our summertime posts on the blog: "Oh sure, just another sunny day at the lake with the Manharts." Yes, we did have several lovely lake days, but to highlight the extent to which our summer fun has come to a screeching halt, I considered taking a picture of myself sitting at Starbucks today for 2 hours with a stack of essays on 1984 (okay, and a cinnamon dolce latte). Pretty exciting, right?

Here is the highlight of our day: Skyler has become quite the little swimmer (it is in her genes, afterall). Sam usually takes her so I just hear the stories, but this afternoon we went as a family to the YMCA (or as Skyler calls it, the "S-K-Y"). Because she is so totally fearless and just plows into the pool without looking back, the lifejacket has become essential.

Ready to go!

Skyler's best line of the day:
"Mommy, I'm having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day." (a reference to one of her favorite books)
Me: "Why is that?"
"Because I took a bite out of my Diego video (DVD) and now it WILL NOT WORK!"