Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Ready to head out into the neighborhood...
Reed the cow and Skyler the tree:

Skyler posing like a tree. When not standing in this position, she was mistaken for
a "pile of leaves" by one neighbor. I'll try not to take that personally.

Reed hung out way past his bed time, but remained a happy cow.

Mmmmm.... candy.

Here is the aerial view so you can see the bird nesting atop Skyler's head.

The trick-or-treat gang:

Killian, Beckett, me, Reed, Skyler, Rosalyn and Meredith

When Skyler gets really excited, and is also a bit over-tired, she tends to lose control over her body. She trips and falls and bumps into things. So, trick-or-treating sounded like this: "SKYLER SLOW DOWN! WATCH OUT FOR THAT TREE! NO, SKYLER! WAIT FOR THE BOYS! WATCH OUT FOR THE CURB!"
She face planted into the lawn at least 4 times and lost all the candy out of her pumpkin. Her bird nest askew, she'd find her balance, scoop up her candy, and not-so-gracefully head for the next driveway. Good thing she was a tree and not a ballerina. We're pretty sure she'll never be a ballerina. Of course, we got two full blocks away when she stopped and said: "My legs are tired. I need you to carry me."

And so, with Reed in the bjorn (22 lbs), and Skyler on one hip (33 lbs), and a little pumpkin full of candy (1 lb), I ran home. Good workout. Halloween is tiring, but great fun. When we got back, we got the kids settled and then ate the great crab cake dinner Sam had made for us (my mom was here too). And now I am really ready for bed.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The newest Carver girl

Welcome to our world, Maya Annabel
7 lbs. 2 oz, 10:59 pm 10/29/07

I just came from the hospital where I was lucky to meet our newest little friend. Sandi and Suzanne (Reed's Godmothers) added another '07 baby to our clan.

In an utterly efficient and athletic fashion, Sandi delivered Maya after a few hours of contractions and a mere (brace yourselves, moms) 5 minutes of pushing. As a result of her easy journey down the pike, Maya has narry a scratch or a blemish. She is so beautiful.

Suzanne displays her prize.

What lucky girls, these 4.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Yes, the Red Sox WON the World Series.
Yes, I'm still up.
Yes, I'm waiting to up see that Jonathan Papelbon do his little dance.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

go sox! (you are almost done hearing about baseball until next spring)

Getting ready for the next (last?) game of the World Series...
Thanks for the help with the groceries, everyone!

Skyler: "Mom, I stuck my finger into your tomato so it would be really good."

Reed's world

Reed Gabriel is just about 9 months old.

What he can do:
Crawl, stand up, cruise along the furniture,
clap his hands, say: "ab-da," flirt, charm, wave,
eat cheeries, blueberries, tiny pieces of turkey,
and peas by the handful, and
knock down Skyler's block towers.

When I went to get Reed out of our church nursery this morning, he was crawling around happily, (and had been happy the whole hour, as always). When he looked up and saw me standing there, his lower lip shot out and his eyes filled up with big wet tears. That is Reed for you. He just keeps it all together, doesn't incovnience anyone with too much emotion, but can't hide his love for mom. What a GOOD baby. I am SO lucky.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Chris' shot of Cameron

My gorgeous nephew swinging in his backyard in Utah. My brother Chris recently visited them and took this shot.

To Jody and Justin's

Ready for anything.

We braved the rain and headed to Jody and Justin's farm for Pumpkinfest. There was tons of great food and beer and Sam and Skyler had fun carving pumpkins despite the weather.

Skyler raiding Meryl's toy chest.

Jody looking awesome at 4 months preg, holding Meryl

Skyler "carving" a pumpkin with paint

Reed previewing his cow costume

Yep. Still raining.

A blurry shot of Jody, Me and Reed in front of the barn

Rained Out

Today we had big plans for "Pumpkin Fest," our friends' annual Halloween party at their farm house, and a pig roast fall celebration for Sam's faculty. But it is raining, hard. We may head out to the Halloween party later anyway, but pumpkin carving and hot cider are SO much nicer in the sunshine on their beautiful property.

We successfully made Skyler's Halloween costume this morning (she wants to be a tree). Then, to amuse ourselves, Skyler is jumping from the steps onto our spare bed downstairs. I know. Please contain your enthusiasm.

Tonight, the Sox play in Colorado (Hey Sarah, are you guys following your team?)
Skyler has started talking about Papelbon (which makes me think I might be talking about him too much) but she calls him "Applepie." Friday morning she said: "Hey Mommy, did Applepie do a good job last night?" Yes, Skyler. Applepie was really good.

Sam let me sleep until 8:00 today so I will have no trouble making it up for the big game tonight. (People who knew me before I became a New Englander may have trouble making sense of my Sox fanaticism. I don't know what to tell you. Even Sam, who started all of this, is slightly alarmed.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Do The Papelbon

I am not the only one with Papelbon fever. Here are sox fans immitating his now famous "River Dance" celebrating their last big win.

Watch out for Reed!

This week has been a blur of teaching, meetings, grading, and teething. And, no more putting Reed down to play quietly in one spot. He now pulls himself up to standing (in the crib and anywhere else he can manage) and crawls from room to room faster than I can blink an eye. This new development is fun, yes, but it is putting a real damper on my ability to get anything done in the house. I turn around to put a dish in the dishwasher, and Reed-o is gone, crawled to the other room and standing in front of the radio, cranking up the volume.

I swear, that swing/ johnny-jump-up/ exer-saucer stage was exactly 45 seconds long. How many days do I have before he will run out the back door to "get the mail" like Skyler has been known to do?

So, how about those Red Sox, huh?
2004 is the last time the Sox won the World Series. Meredith pointed out that that was the year that Skyler and Beckett were born (the O'Reillys are hard-core sox fans too) and that this is the year Rosalyn and Reed were born, so we see this as an auspicious beginning to the series.
I went to bed at 8 pm the last two nights as recovery from Sunday's late game and preparation for tonight's. I wore my Papelbon (check him damn) shirt to school today. We are all set for tonight. Even Skyler said: "Mommy, I believe."

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ready for Game 7, and fall colors

So, the Sox won last night, which means we're on again tonight to determine who goes to the World Series (in case you missed this detail). This is very exciting for us New Englanders, but it also means I'll be up WAY past my bedtime tonight.

The Manharts donning Red Sox gear (two shots of Mr. Smiley).

Some shots around town of our glorious leaf color... the best in years.

A day with my daughter who thinks I'm really cool.

Skyler and I had a special afternoon outing today; spending some time, just the two of us is very rare. In fact, I know it meant a lot to her so I need to schedule such outings more often (like maybe more often than once every... how old is Reed?.. 8 1/2 months).

We went to my friend April's house to make and decorate Halloween cookies with her daughter Anna. Skyler spent (no joke) 25 minutes on one cookie for Daddy that was so piled with icing and sprinkles that she ended up topping it with another cookie just to contain it. It was quite a frosting sandwich. Did Sam eat it? Do you know Sam? (he loves his sugar).

Rolling out the dough

Waiting on the porch while the cookies cool

Icing and "sparklies"

On the way home we were listening to our usual kids' CD of Skyler's choice, and we were on track 3, "Down on Grandpa's Farm." We had the windows down (warm lovely day) and the music was cranked way up. We were totally rocking out. Hand gestures, head bopping, etc. I was right in the middle of busting out the cow verse: "Down on Grandpa's farm there is a big brown cow. (repeat) The Cow. It makes a sound like this. MMMMMOOOOOOO. The Cow. It makes a sound like this. MMMMMMOOOOOOOO" (Imagine my face, okay). In the midst of a MMMMOOOOO, a car pulled up next to me on the highway. It was a guy, nice looking, no shirt, cigarette in one hand. He checked me out for a half a second, and then, well, I was mid MMMOOOOOOO and he took off.

"WAIT!!!!!" I wanted to shout.

I looked in the mirror at Skyler. She was still rockin'. We continued on.
"The sheep. It makes a sound like this. BBBBBAAAAAAAAAA."

Saturday, October 20, 2007

From my mom's camera

Here are some shots that my mom took at her house last week.

Two kids in a wagon:

Mommy's boy:

We had a lovely Saturday today, and have been gearing up for the big game tonight (I'm actually nervous... sick, I know). Please pray/cheer/root/pull/cross your fingers and toes for the Sox.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A quick little getaway

Meredith, Rosalyn and I snuck away for an afternoon on Mt. Dessert Island, taking advantage of the best fall colors I've ever seen in Maine. We sat on the beach, ate in Bar Harbor, and walked along the water before heading back to reality. The weather was perfect, and Meredith and I finally had a few hours of conversation without kids to tend to. Lucky me. (Not necessarily apparant in this photo, Rosalyn is as easy-going and happy as Reed was as an infant.)

If you can enlarge this photo on your screen, do so, and check out that quaint little sea-side home.

Walking on Sand Beach

Girls in Bar Harbor

This shot was taken on the bridge about a mile from our house. The colors!