Saturday, January 19, 2008

4 unconnected notes

1. After some fierce negotiating (I'm getting better at this) we managed to agree to pay only $400 toward a $1400 furnace repair on our new house, and only $500 toward a $1400 replacement of the oil tank in our current house. While that is $900 instead of the possible $2800, it still hurts (that's a lot of groceries, or diapers, or clothes!). But, as far as we can all surmise, that will be it for last-minute surprises/expenses. Every single contract and addendum is now signed by all parties. We start packing and moving things over to the new house this weekend.

2. Update on Skyler: she still loves her new look and the compliments she gets. Hair brushing is now a non-issue, one less battle for me (hooray!). Two funny little things. My realtor's name is Pauline Rock (or, as Sam calls her "the rock"). Yesterday, in a moment indicative of what I've been doing a lot of, Skyler picked up her toy cell phone: "Yes Pauline."

Two nights ago, we were looking at the page in Richard Scarry's book of words about "What you Want to Be When you Grow Up." Skyler commented that she wanted to be "a doctor, a firefighter, and a hooker." I started to turn the page before it really registered. "A hooker?"
"Yes, like this one." She pointed to a fisherman with a big hook. Of course, a hooker! Just like her Uncle Craig! (phew).

3. Update on Reed: He takes up to 4 steps at a time, usually from furniture to one of us. He has also started howling like a wolf, which is fun. I am working on getting a video of him dancing; his dance style is too hard to put into words. It involves head-bobbing and toe tapping, but it's also a little twitchy. In a cute way.

4. Tuesday night I am giving the faculty address for the NHS induction. I am surprised how nervous I am. You'd think, because I speak in front of people every day, it would be nothing. This feels different: on a stage, with a microphone, and 200 people (very smart people) in the audience. I'm sure I'll feel great when it is over.


Kara said...

lmao at hooker!! She is very creative. LOve,ME