Sunday, January 27, 2008

Family Swim

Guess who ELSE loves to swim in our family?

Reed was in an ultra-mega-super-fussy mood after his nap (which has happened exactly one other time in his life). We thought a toss in the old pool might loosen him up. So, Reed and I joined Sam and Skyler in their weekly family swim time, and what do you know? Mr. Happy returned... until it was time to go and he threw a fit. He LOVED the water. He played and splashed on the ramp and swam around with us for over an hour. Looks like a new weekly tradition.


Christine said...

The Manharts must be packing and in the process of moving. No recent posts. Stay focused. Stay focused.

Tiercy said...

Emilie, you are looking sooooo good. Way to go! Your move will be over soon and then you'll be on the fun side of it.

Way to get those water babies going. Reed is so cute.