Saturday, January 26, 2008

In denial

That's what we are.

Of the fact that we are moving out in 3 weeks.

Instead of packing or stressing about packing, we are hunkering in from the bitter cold. The weatherman's exact words were "ridiculously cold."

Sam's team had a meet today. We were just hangin' out. By 1:00 the kids were stir-crazy and I was sleepy. I called Suzanne. She and her mom and her girls were on their way to Borders: "Meet us there!"

What a simple way to lift a girl's spirits. We were dressed and packed and out the door. Quick stop for a skinny latte (smart marketing) and I was a new woman.

Plus, the girls occupied themselves, or sat next to other moms who were reading stories while Suzanne and I chatted. Reed made all the Borders shoppers laugh with his incessant head shaking. He is still on the "no" train and can't get off.

I am not being paid by Starbucks (I should look into that) but honestly, people. How do they do it? One little latte and I was on happy overdrive. I was hyper productive and smiley. I pranced around the grocery store with the kids and came home, cleaned the house, made a lovely dinner, and got everyone to bed by 7. I'm still humming with activity. I'll go so far as to say that Starbucks makes me a better person.

Seems like I shouldn't need coffee with this face in my life.

Reed tried his first apple today: 30 minutes of pure bliss (for everyone)

Little Borders shoppers:

Jan, Suzanne's mom, reading to the girls.

Ella + Sklyer= love


Kara said...

I love lattes. Mine is a nonfat cinnamon dolce! It always gives me that extra push when I am dragging!! Good Luck on the move!!

Christine said...

I can't help but think that Reed looks like a little old man in that one high chair picture. Call if you need anything at any time - mean it!