Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A new year inventory

Things just seemed to come together for us in the last couple weeks. Just in the nick of time, we sold our house. I am still in shock about what that actually means for our lives over the next 2 months. I'm currently looking around at all the toys and furniture and STUFF and wondering how we'll make this happen. Luckily, the owners of the Hampden house are going to give us the key to the garage so we can start moving stuff over slowly. Sam drives by the house on his way to work everyday, so we'll send a load over every morning. The 40+ letters of recommendation I wrote for my college-bound seniors this fall are going to come in handy. That's 40 strong kids who owe me a few hours of box moving, as I see it.

We are also excited at the little explosion of development Reed is experiencing. All of a sudden, he stands unassisted, holds his own when playing rough with Skyler, says Mama and Dada (and sometimes he even says it to the right person), climbs the stairs and shakes his head no.

Skyler has been relatively good all week for us. She is understanding so much and has great conversations with us. She mimics adult talk and says things like:
"That cookie really hit the spot!" or "Reed sure is growing up quickly, isn't he?" or my favorites (for obvious reasons): "Mom, I'm going to go check to make sure the gate is shut so Reed will be safe." or "Don't worry, Mom, Reed is playing safely right here with me." (I guess it is the product of living with two English teachers that she correctly uses adverbs, unlike my 9th graders).

And, as I mentioned before, my back is really much better (not perfect yet) and I can start running again. I got some new outdoor running clothes and a heart rate monitor for Christmas just in time. With my super-runner friend Lloyd's help, I can actually plan my training according to the right heart-rate zone instead of just distance. (This is a bit ironic, yes, considering I'm still such an amateur, but we Manharts like to have gear and gadgets.) Half-marathon training starts a week after we move into the new house. We'll see how that all goes!

Anyway, Happy New Year, everyone.


Christine said...

Happy New Year! I can't believe the gains that Reed has made. It's fascinating isn't it?

With the upcoming move right around the corner, we need to plan a play date or two for the girls. You pick a time that works for you and the girls can play here or I can take them to the museum. They'll have a blast and you can get some stuff done! Let me know.

I resolve this new year to make solid plans with the Manharts! By the way, I hope your mom is home safely.

Kara said...

Happy New yr!! Congrats on selling your house. It is exciting to start your new year with a new home. Take care of your back!!!Love,ME

Tiercy said...

You sure have a lot to keep you busy! Good luck with everything. I sure hope training goes well with your back.