Monday, January 14, 2008

Skyler and McKayla

I am going to go ahead and shamelessly poach some photos AND some stories right off of my friend Christine's blog. This first blurb is from a visit to McKayla's house last week, and was written by Christine:

Emilie and I were talking about the whole "princessing" issue and how neither of our girls is especially girly. McKayla's going much more in that direction given her penchant for sparkle shoes and dresses, but at the same time she really appreciates a good pair of sweats and Crocs. It was ironic that as Emilie was commenting about how "ungirly" Skyler is, Skyler walked down the hall with a wand and feather dress up shoes. Looks pretty girly to me...

The next shots are from Sunday when the Kendalls kept Skyler for a few hours. While we were out and about, Sam said: "I hope Skyler isn't crying for us. We've never really dropped her off with friends and not stayed before." I didn't think we needed to worry. Skyler adores McKayla, and considering I had to literally drag her away, I think it worked out pretty well.

Riding McKayla's fire engine around the neighborhood:

Here is Skyler, crying for Mom and Dad. Okay, I mean stuffing her face with marshmallows and laughing her head off.

These girls are such a match for each other. We met at Kindermusik last winter and knew within the first class that we needed to get them together. I can totally see them as teenagers: brave, wild, and confident.