Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Skyler's transformation

This morning was the last straw. I think it's a good time to cut a child's hair when your hair-brushing strategy involves these steps: I gave up trying to brush hair before leaving the house in time, so we wait until we arrived at Kimmie's, keep Skyler STRAPPED in the car seat, and brush as gently as possible, which makes her scream a high-pitched "NOOOOOO!" This morning, a neighbor of Kimmie actually looked out the window at us while I was merely trying to make her look respectable. I held up my hair brush and tried to look innocent.

I had already warned Sam that this day was close. After this morning's experience, I got email confirmation from him at work, and made an appointment.

Skyler was a bit unsure about all of this.

Okay, that's an understatement. I had told her all the way to the mall that she was going to have to "sit still for the nice lady." Well, Tim was no lady, but he did do a great job.

This is her best pouty face. Tim seems to be playing along.

And then, something happened. Skyler checked herself out in the mirror:

"Hello, you"

Skyler waited up until 9:00 (!) for Daddy to get home from swimming so she could show him. Just before he came in the door, she said: "Daddy is going to totally flip out."


Kelly Jane Dahl said...

I'm dying to see the full finished product!!!

Christine said...

McKayla is going to flip out too. Now they have matching sparkle shoes and matching haircuts!

Adrienne said...

Did Sam just love Skyler's little do? Because that little bob is just to die for on her. And I know that feeling all too well--the thrill of showing off a totally cute haircut. Makes you want to swing that head around!

Kara said...

she is adorable!! Are you moving soon?