Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Day #4 (not snowing yet)

The snow storm predicted is a big one, but when we woke up, nothing was happening. Even so, the schools are all canceled (I think we'll be in school until mid-July), so another lovely day at home: a big family breakfast, a round of Hi-Ho Cherry-o, time to go to the gym, and a chance to catch up on the grading I didn't finish last night. It's now almost 10 a.m., and still no snow. We'll see what comes.

About the real estate drama: I am a little superstitious about posting that everything is all official until it is. We had some last-minute negotiating to do with the owners of the house we want to buy that is still pending. Also, our home inspection is today which will (we hope) seal the deal, unless, by chance, the buyers insist on a new roof or something.

I was in the car a lot yesterday tending to said drama. We took Skyler to McKayla's (THANK YOU, Kendalls) for the afternoon, and Reed stayed with me:

What can I tell you about this boy? He is just the best. Such a trooper. I am in denial of his upcoming 1-yr birthday. NOT POSSIBLE.

And Skyler? She has a new obsession: red sparkly shoes. I often tell people that Skyler is not girly. She prefers her converse high tops and hooded sweatshirts to almost anything else. But I picked up these shoes off the clearance rack at Target and what do you know? She won't go 2 minutes without them. She loves the attention they bring out in public, but even in the privacy of her own bedroom, she must just feel a little extra special wearing them.

Even if it is with yellow socks and pink pants.

Lastly, a new Skylerism:
I often hear Sam, when he's trying to instill in Skyler the right way to behave, saying: "We're Manharts."
e.g: "We finish all of our vegetables. We're Manharts." Or, "We're not afraid of the dark. We're Manharts!"

Today, I complimented Skyler on so efficiently cleaning up the tiny little cherries from Hi-Ho-cherry-o. She said: "We're Manharts, Mommy. We clean up when we're done with something."



Christine said...

Love the shoes. McKayla will be proud of Skyler!

Kara said...

I was at work the other day and my co-worker stated that every little girl needs red shoes. Skyler's fit her personality!!