Monday, January 21, 2008

What blogs are for, right?

I know I am her mother, so I should assume that nobody else will be as excited about this developmental leap as I am, but, well, Skyler made this amazing drawing with no assistance.

I wasn't there to see it because it happened at my mom's this afternoon. Anyway, my mom assured me that another, older child did not sneak in and create this drawing. It might not seem so remarkable that a 3 yr. old drew this. What is remarkable is that yesterday, Skyler could not do this. Yesterday, she scribbled, or drew some semi-recognizable shapes, and today, she drew a family. Granted, we have twiggy arms and long toes, and my hair is awfully wind-blown, and Sam looks... well, tree-like is too understated. It looks like she drew a tree and then decided at the last minute to add a head and toes and call him daddy. But she made sure that our tree/daddy was reaching for mommy in a rather loving way. I guess Reed is the little shrub in the back? I can't stop looking at this picture. All of a sudden, my daughter's hand can capture what her brain seems to understand. That the sun is yellow and warm, and that we are standing on grassy earth, and that mommy is a blonde.

And Reed also reached a momentous milestone this weekend.
His first word! And the word is: "no"
Is that sad? or funny? not sure. But, he says it ALL day long.
He crawls to the bottom of the stairs and says "no" and looks at us.
He sits on the fireplace hearth: "no"
He stands next to the wall socket where my hair dryer is plugged in: "no"
He sits in his crib and says "no, no, no" to his stuffed animals, I guess?

I just love hearing his little voice for the first time (this sounds different than his babbles.. so purposeful). I wonder what his second word will be?


Leigh said...

That is DEFINATELY a picture that needs to be framed and hung in a prominent place in the new house so everyone can see it!!

Kelly Jane Dahl said...


so does reed's word mean he hear a lot of that around the house??

Stephani Nola said...
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Stephani Nola said...

hat a great piece of KID ART.

This is my personal favorite--
You know how thoroughly obsessed I am with my darling dog. But she barks like a jealous middle-child when little Kylie visits. At age 5 or 6, he presented me with this brilliant but wince-inducing image of me yelling at my dog. I think he captured the "rage" emotion quite nicely..

Kara said...

I told you she was very creative!! That is remarkable!! Love

Christine said...

Definitely frame-worthy! What a testament to the love Skyler obviously sees and feels in your home! Truly heart warming! It would be wrong for me to coach McKayla into creating the same type of picture, right? Thought so :o)