Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another day, another dramatic turn of real estate events

I have so much going on this week. I can hardly tell you what it is like inside my swirly twirly brain. Let me give it a try. Yesterday, while we were calmly frolicking in the living room enjoying snow day #5 (ice storm!), my realtor called to give us a heads up that we didn't get the commitment letter from the buyers of our house (the letter that the mortgage company sends saying: yes, we will loan these people the money for your house.) She said she thought it was just a paperwork delay, but wanted us to know. Because of the fact that we have now moved more than half of our stuff to the new house, this set me into a panicky downward spiral.

This morning, I am back at work, trying to coordinate everything I needed to get ready to teach AND get my ducks in a row for the visiting author and creative writing professor I had coming to talk to my students this afternoon, AND lining up the Poetry Outloud recitation contest that I organized (now involving more the 200 kids!) for Friday, and Pauline calls.

Bad news.

The buyers need to get an additional loan and there is no way it will be ready by Feb 22. I started to cry. Pauline said we would probably close in 1-2 weeks once their paper work went through, and we'd ask the Hampden owners for another, bloody extension.

I pulled myself together, and got on the phone to call the heating oil people, the propane tank people, the moving truck company, the bank, the electric company, the cable company, the water district, and the piano movers to CANCEL all of the appointments and transfers I have arranged in the last 2 weeks.

During a break in the author's presentation (which was amazing by the way, and my kids were brilliant, sharing their writing and asking smart questions), I checked my email.
Message from Pauline: Jon (the owner of the house we might someday own) says you can just move in anyway, and then close the following week.

Miracle of miracles.

I started to cry.

After the presentation and after school, I went back to my desk.

Meanwhile, my principal had been paging me on the all-call system while I was in the author's presentation to see if I had taken care of everything for tomorrow's poetry thing (I had, yes). So, on my way back to my office, at least 25 colleagues said to me, as they walked past: Did you know the office is looking for you? Yes. Thank you very much. I'm having a real estate issue, okay?

Now, here is my favorite moment of the day. School is over. I am trying to print a letter of recommendation for a kid who needed it RIGHT THEN and the letterhead kept jamming. Pauline called on the office phone, the principal paged me again on the intercom, and two students showed up at the door for help on their essays which are due tomorrow. One of them is crying and holding up her flashdrive which holds the paper she worked on ALL night and now she cannot access. The other one writes notoriously complicated and head-spinning thesis statements and then needs me to sort of think aloud with her and paraphrase what I think she might be trying to argue so that she can understand it for herself, and then try again. Meanwhile, I was late to pick up my kids.

I considered crying again, but I didn't have time.

Somehow, I talked to Pauline to confirm that we would indeed go ahead and move in on the 22nd and just cross all of our fingers and toes that these buyers come through. I printed the letter of recommendation, answered the page, gave the crying student an extension, talked through the Lord of the Flies thesis statement, something about how immorality takes over in individuals when society does not exist to keep our morality in check, grabbed the folder full of stuff that I needed for organizing Poetry Outloud tonight, grabbed my coffee mug, still full of the coffee I never had time to drink today, and left.

Tomorrow's job? Call all the utility and moving companies. "Hi. Remember me?"


Adrienne said...

ugh. i think the thing for us to do is go to the nearest latino grocery and buy the candle for the patron saint of real estate and say a prayer for you guys.

Kara said...

you poor thing!! I hope your days ahead are much brighter.

Leigh said...

Jeez, you actually had me panicking through that post!! I am excited for you guys to be settled in your new house 1)so that you can check that off your list and 2) to see photos of it!!