Sunday, February 17, 2008

A belated birthday party

Jason and Reed and I all had birthdays last week, and we had a small joint party planned for 2 weekends ago which was postponed due to a death in Meredith's family that brought them out of town. So, we gathered today instead. Meredith and I have a tradition and a reputation for hosting some pretty ambitious parties. Several years ago, we hosted a sit-down 5 course meal for 22 people. When we first discussed this birthday party idea, our eyes were wide with possibilities and menu ideas.

With all our damn kids, full time jobs, my kitchen being 75% packed, and the O'Reillys being 24 hours away from putting their house on the market (long story. short version: they are moving to Hampden too, we hope, 1.0 mile exactly from our door to the house they want), our ambition went out the window. SO, no fancy party menus today... most of it came from Frank's Bakery. Yum.

Ella, Skyler, Beckett, Killian and Reed

Will and Amy

Skyler and Godmother Meredith

Rosalyn, growin' right up, and newly named Rozzy-roo.

Can you tell there is a video on in this room?

mmmm. sugar. mmmmm. silence.

Look! More pictures of Reed with cake shoved in his face! Check out that glazed-over look in his eyes already!

Honestly. I must have done something right in my life to have deserved friends like these.

My mom was at this party too, and there are no photos of her because she was chasing Reed the whole time. She did announce at the party that instead of Omom, she wants to be Omoma until the end of the election. You got it, Omoma.


Meredith said...

You know, I've checked in here about five times in the past hour thinking, my God, she left here four hours ago and she still hasn't posted?!

Here's to next year's drive home being much, much shorter...

Love to you,

Kara said...

I love Omama!! SOunds like the party was a good time!! Good Luck on the move!! Sam sure is dedicated to his coaching.