Sunday, February 24, 2008

happy home

We are in! Since Friday morning, we have been working our tails off to settle into our new house. The fact that we all have to get up and go to work tomorrow is a bit daunting... as if I don't have enough to think about!

But, it is Sunday night, and here is where we stand. The kids' rooms are totally set up and they are both sleeping. The kitchen is all set, the fridge full of fresh groceries, lunches for tomorrow are packed and dinner is cleaned up and put away (I haven't cooked yet... friends brought food!). Our washer and dryer are installed and working on the 10th load (yes, we moved tons of laundry with us, which tells you about the chaos factor). We are actually a fully functioning household at this point.

I won't bore you with the ridiculous amount of bumps in the road we have faced. Let's just say the buyers of our house are just delayed in some paperwork. We were reassured of their committment to buy our house (Wednesday, we hope) by the fact that we offered them to move into our house on Saturday at 3pm (after we were all out) and pay us rent until we close on the house. They literally moved in at 3:01. They want our house, and we have confidence that this will all be wrapped up soon.

That is to say, we are desperate to believe that it will all be wrapped up because, well, we went ahead and moved in to our new home.
We don't officially own this house, but that's okay, right? As a friend pointed out today, possession is 90% of the law. Okay, we'll take that.

The kids love it here. Once we got the gates up on the stairs last night, I felt instantly better about Reed being free to wander. Skyler keeps saying: "It's HUMONGOUS!" (it's not, though bigger than "the green house." They both seem really comfy here already. The neighbors have all been by to say hi and deliver baked goods (!) and we have 2 4-year old girls and a 12 year old who is dying to be a "mother's helper" and eventually a baby sitter all within 4 houses from here. Welcome to the neighborhood, indeed. I'm totally in love with this house. We have work to do to fully settle in, but this is the fun part, hanging art and rearranging furniture.

Some pics for you.

Skyler packing the truck.

Moving in: our crew (my creative writing class with one little brother along for the pizza)

The girls spent hours assembling these chairs from Ikea.

I took a few shots tonight because I figured I couldn't post without photos of the house. These don't really capture the sunny sparkle our house had all day, but they give you a taste. More to come. Promise.

Big, bright kitchen... all new appliances... automatic ice maker = happy me.

The room we don't know what to do with. It has our piano and one chair and a book case. We call it: the parlor, the library, the living room, the piano room? Any ideas?

Before there is anything on the walls... this is the family room. Still needs some focus/ inspiration/ paint.

So many more things to write... so many more lessons plans to create... so much sleep needed. More soon.


Kara said...

Your new home is beautiful!!! You amaze me with all the multitasking you are able to squeeze into one day!!