Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i am full of happyexcitement because:

1. It was warm today, and the world had that melty smell to remind us all that there is indeed earth under all that snow. And the sun was shining all day until it snowed for about 20 minutes tonight and then the stars and bright moon came out.

2. Because of the weather mentioned above, I have that full, hopeful feeling of spring, full of plans and dreams of baskets of vegetables, quilting projects, baking bread and open windows.

3. I had a delicious cup of Starbucks at 5 pm and I'm still humming.

4. Sam will be home in a few hours.

5. I am nervous about moving into our house without closing on this one. I can't think about it too hard. Tonight I googled "ask the magic 8 ball" and there are, indeed, a ton of these sites, as I suspected.
So, I asked the magic 8 ball: "Will we close on our house next week?" It said: "YES."
Just to be sure this was a reputable source, I asked: "Do I love my children?" It said: "Yes, definitely." I actually feel much better now.

6. I got to go to the University tonight to see the Class A Girls Swim State Meet (Sam's smaller school is Class B, held this year in Southern Maine, where he has been all day. My school is class A, and the meet was held right here in town). Silly me, I thought I'd just go for a few events (left Reed asleep and Skyler awake at my mom's). It was a real nail-biter, a thrilling get-up-and-scream-your-head-off sort of meet which came down to the last relay, and my girls from Bangor High brought home the state title. And I was sitting with all the boys with their freshly-shaved heads, who won states last night, and everyone was full of spirit and joy. Fun, fun, fun.

7. I have a real sense of accomplishment after 2 days of being single-mom when everyone was productive, busy, well-behaved and happy. And the house is clean and mostly packed.

my happy kids during our day today:


Stephani Nola said...

i would definitely wear skyler's raincoat.

Christine said...

It's ironic because I had that same 'spring is just around the corner' feeling yesterday. I mentioned to Keith at dinner that I could just envision the park full of kids and that feeling we get while we're eating dinner that we just want to get back outside. It'll be here before we know it!

Happy belated birthday by the way.