Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ups and downs

Honestly, aren't you tired of the drama? Me too. I can't wait until I have a day where my blood pressure doesn't have to shoot to alarming levels or where I think I need to get outside quickly before I get so hot and sweaty with panic that I pass out.

The end.

Just kidding.

Okay, here are the LOW points of our day:

- a phone call from my realtor. She is concerned that we are getting the run around from the buyers of our Old Town house (FYI, they have moved into our house and are paying us rent by the day) and the agency giving them the loan. She cannot for the life of her pin down a closing date for us. They haven't gotten official approval for the loan. The people who have all the answers and power are "out of the office for a few days." We find out there is yet another inspection of our house that needs to pass before they will get this secondary loan. You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. (One might think this is a multi-million dollar real estate deal with all of this ridiculous red tape). She asks me if we want to rescind our extension and put our house back on the market. That's when I started to sweat. NO!

- Sam wrote me a very sweet apology email at work for an argument we got into this morning. And accidentally cc'd it to about 20 of our friends and family. Nice.

- We got home after a very long day and were locked out of our house and sat in the driveway waiting for Sam for an hour.

Here are the HIGH points of our day:
- Realtor called to say that the buyers HAVE OFFICIAL APPROVAL FOR THE LOAN. Everyone on the staff at my realtor's office is GIDDY. They have been playing detective all week on this and they finally got the right person on the phone. They are all super excited and say that it is a "done deal" (I'll believe it when I see them signing the papers). Anyway, an excellent step.

- Suzanne, Ella and Maya came over for a visit and BROUGHT DINNER for us, and then stayed to keep us company. These are our dear friends, the Carver family, who because of our move, now live 2 miles down the road instead of the 25 miles that separated us before. What a GIFT.

- It is snowing and very stormy. Big messy storm predicted to go all night. Very likely no school tomorrow.


Christine said...

Glad to hear that things with the Old Town house are moving in the right direction. Hang in there...