Thursday, February 21, 2008

We'll be back in a while..

I'm about to disconnect and head to my mom's to go to bed. We got this house all cleaned up but not totally empty yet. Tomorrow we'll be setting up the new house all day and getting the final load out of here. I took photos of Skyler loading the truck today (very cute, she carried one thing at a time out the door and up the ramp onto the truck with such an earnest expression the whole time.. what a little work ethic!) but I have no clue where the cord for my camera is.

Oh yeah, one funny thing from today. I was waiting for Sam to get home from picking up the Uhaul and I got a call from Uhaul saying "I understand your truck is broken down?" Uh oh. Sam was stuck on the road with no cel phone. We tracked him down and we left the broken truck on the side of the road in Old Town and went back to Bangor for another (after some fast talking.. they wanted us to wait for "51 minutes" for the mechanic to arrive. Sam kept saying to the guy: "I don't have 51 minutes!!!" (I was laughing). I dropped him off at the Uhaul place and rushed home to meet the friends coming to help us move. Sam didn't come, and he didn't come. I called Uhaul back: "Did Sam Manhart pick up a new truck about 30 minutes ago?"
"No," the guy said, "he ripped up his contract and stormed out of here." Uh oh.

Just then, Sam pulled in with a truck from a different company. Apparantly Uhaul wasn't sympathetic enough to Sam's wasted time and weren't going to give him a discount. OOOOh. that makes Sam mad!

So, we have a Budget Truck packed to the gills in the driveway. We get the key to the new house at 8:30 am. WAHOO.

I'll post when I can from the new place... not sure when that will be. Stay tuned.


Meredith said...

Congrats on having half of the work done! Now, you've just got the fun of finding where you want to put everything... Happy nesting :)

Lisa said...

Congratulations you guys!! Can't wait til you're back with pictures of the new place...we're anxiously waiting. The Uhaul story brings back memories of Sam's sunglasses complaint letter - a literary work in itself. Glad you got a truck and are settling in. I'm sure you'll relish the chance to set up home, again. Thinking of you! -Lisa

Christine said...

I'm anxiously awaiting your first post from your new home. I envision a picture of the Manharts standing on the front steps full of love and enthusiasm :o)