Thursday, March 20, 2008

cute as a baby bird

I knew when I saw these edible chocolate birds' nests on-line, I HAD to make them. These are the little Easter treats I made for Skyler and Reed's daycare friends. They are made from melted chocolate and shredded wheat.

I think it was designed to be an activity you do with your kids. But they had to set for an hour, and Skyler is not yet good at activities that involve waiting for anything. I did it all by myself and had a jolly-good time.


Tiercy said...

How cute!!!! what size are the eggs? Are they the cadbury chocolate eggs? I am trying to get perspective so I can make them too. How did you make them? Can you post the directions? = > Happy Easter!

Donna said...

I would also love the recipe and instructions if you have time?

They are absolutely adorable!! I probably won't have time to make them this year but next year they will be on my Easter 'to do' list for sure!!

Emilie said...

okay... these are mini nests, like they fit in your palm. Crumble up one big shredded wheat thing and mix in about 3 tblspoons of melted chocolate chips. Form them into nests with wax paper, and then press a spoon to make the nest part, and stick them in the freezer to harden for about an hour. Then put a few candy-covered chocolate eggs (the size of big jelly beans). I tried to find the speckled ones that look more like eggs but couldn't. Have fun!

Donna said...


The shredded wheat thing, is that like a breakfast cereal? I think we have that here, not sure *blush* :-()