Tuesday, March 4, 2008

do you need some love?

dear rural development office people,

why do you hate us? you are the people who are going to loan the money to the people who are trying to buy our house. they really want our house, and we really need them to buy it. you have made us wait and wait and wait. you have made us have three separate inspections on our house. they have all passed. you tell us every day that the loan is processing. you tell us every day that the paper work should be complete today or tomorrow. this has been going on for over two weeks. i know you don’t know me. or care. or want to hurry this paperwork through. you don’t know how sensitive I am about these things. how much of a worrier i am.

we know that you just go to work and punch the clock and then go home, without worrying about me. all we are waiting for is one signature. how long does that take? meanwhile, i am getting very stressed. i am scared that something is going to fall through. then we would have to move out of the house we just moved into. because we can’t afford to buy this house until the other people buy ours. and your signature, that would take maybe 2 seconds (that’s generous), is all i need to start feeling okay again. to start sleeping well at night. i am trying to read a book. but i can’t read more than 2 pages a night. because i’m worried sick. i lie there and imagine having to pack up this house and move back to our old house. we have had 4 separate closing dates that have all had to be cancelled while we wait for you to do your paperwork. if you would just please sign the god-forsaken paper so we can all go on with our lives. you wouldn’t want me to have a nervous breakdown, would you? would you? hello?

do you need someone to love you? i can love you. do you love bread? i can bake that for you. i can make you a lovely quilt. what do you need? hello?



Christine said...

We'll add you to our prayer list Emilie :o) Hang in there.

Carver Fam said...

Dear Rural Development Office,
Do you need someone to come and break your knees? Forget the love! You people deserve some roughing up. Listen, you sign that paperwork for my friends or else I'm going to have to come down there and give you a piece of my mind (which could go on for a while as most people who know me know how much I like to talk). Just give the folks a loan!!

LOVE, Suzanne

To Emilie: Thanks Em for a great dinner last night. It was, as always, wonderful to be in the lovely new house that I am CERTAIN will be, and is, yours.

Kara said...

Hang in there!!! I am so sorry you have to go thru this!! Stay strong, you have lots of support and plenty of people to call if you need to vent your frustration!!