Monday, March 24, 2008


It was a cold Easter in Maine, big surprise. Too bad Skyler's cute dress had to be covered by a sweater. We still had a lovely day. Here's a summary:

Reed looked like a tiny little man in his Easter sweater.

Painting the bird houses that the Easter Bunny delivered.


Carver Fam said...

Reedo looks like such a refined young boy in his sweater, marching though the foyer. Looks like fun. Sorry we missed the egg hunt. We're getting back up to speed, FINALLY! Love, Suzanne

Tiercy said...

Laney was sick and didn't even get to wear her dress. I love Reeds little sweater! We go for not so much candy in the baskets too in place of books and other things.

Christine said...

The kids look adorable (as does Sam, of course) :o) Happy Easter.

Christine said...

By the way, it warms my heart that you have a dropcloth on the table while Skyler is painting. Now I don't feel like such a stick in the mud :o)