Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Guess what day it is today!?!?


That's right. It's been a very long winter, and today it is really spring, the first Red Sox game of the season. Because the first game was in Japan, it aired at 6 am here on the east coast. As true Sox fans, we had breakfast with the game.
And yes, they won.

Skyler was shocked that she got to watch tv while eating her cereal! In the morning!

Reed did a lot of clapping and hooting, but he wasn't really sure why.

We stopped by at my mom's after school and she took these shots:

I am slightly alarmed even at myself about how happy I was today to be back into baseball season. It really, truly lifted my spirits. I might have already made this abundantly clear, but I'm so sick of winter I could cry a gallon of tears. A gallon. And even though it is still in the 30s, the boys of summer being back on the field just really helps my morale.

My students and I always bond over our love of the Sox and debrief the games, so today was fun at school, everyone in their Sox gear. I think part of the appeal is this sense of New England comraderie that goes with the team spirit, this feeling of having accomplished something truly great by just having survived the winter, and the off-season, together. And while they took their Macbeth tests, I kept the realtime gamecast on ESPN.com up on my laptop and gave my students updates as they occured. This fact absolutely shocks and amazes my very own husband, who didn't even know that it was the new kid who hit the winning home run.

Different topic: this is Skyler's latest self portrait. I love it. I love how she looks sort of fetus-like and how her hair is all piled up on her head. And the sun ALWAYS shines in the upper corner of Skyler's drawings.

Fetus jumping for joy on a sunny day. By Skyler Manhart


Christine said...

I vividly remember Skyler running into KinderMusik class last year excitedly announcing that it was opening day. I had no idea what she meant! Reading your email reminds me that McKayla asked me this morning why someone in our neighborhood had a Red Sox flag hanging. I told her I had no idea, but figured they liked the Red Sox. I'll explain opening day to her tomorrow morning. Thanks for keeping me informed :o)

Adrienne said...

maybe skyler also looks a little like a tree sloth in her picture? particularly in the low set, widely spaced eyes? so cute. gave me a chuckle and i needed that.

Tiercy said...

I had no idea you were such a baseball fan. When did that happen. Glad your team won.

beth said...

This is a response to my niece Tiercy from Beth--

I have lived here for 2 1/2 years and am only now starting to unerstand how fanatic how EVERYONE here is about the Red Sox, especially Emilie. She never was a fan utill she moved to Maine--and boy is it contagious. I laughed outloud when she and two kids arrived at my house yesterday all in Red Sox T-shirts. Emilie didn't understand why I thought it was funny. Am I catching it? Well I didn't watch the game at 6:00 yesterday morning--that tells you something but it's hard not to get caught up in the spirit. And by the way it is snowing this morning!! Maybe Emilie is on to something.

Tiercy said...


Thanks for letting me in on the little secret. But, I am a little confused...isn't it the BOSTON Red Sox? It's fun to have a team to cheer for only my team happens to be whatever team my boys are playing on.

Hope all is well with you. Are you coming to visit Liesel anytime soon?

Emilie said...

Hey Tiercy,
To answer your questions: I am not a baseball fan. I'm a Red Sox fan. And the Boston Red Sox are the New England team, so from Mass to Maine, we are loyal and true. And, we are all coming to Utah the last week of June! Can't wait to see you and the kids.


Tiercy said...

AWESOME!!! I am so excited you guys are coming!! Now I understand the Boston Red Sox for Mainers? Mainians? Mainese?