Wednesday, March 19, 2008

misery came for a visit

I am just emerging from the miserable land of the 24 hour evil flu. Reed had it first, which was a very, very, very sad sight to behold (what is sadder than a small adorable child with flaming red cheeks and a horrible, hacking cough?). It was the very first time Reed had been sick other than a runny nose. He recovered, and I went back to school for 1 day, then was struck down with it myself. Within an hour of getting home on Tuesday I went from "huh- i feel kind of hot and dizzy and funny" to not being able to lift my head off the pillow. I'm so sorry to anyone I may have infected along the way because it was no party. That's the sickest I've been in probably 10 years. no joke. But I'm feeling SO MUCH better that I feel like I have this whole new lease on life now and I have to restrain myself from going hog-wild. You know how when you feel like you're dying and you can't move and every bone in your body aches and you soak through your clothes with sweat and then you finally feel like a human again and you want to just jump for joy and throw open the windows and rejoice? That's me.

Not so much for Reed. In celebration of getting over his illness, he has decided now would be a good time to cut 4 molars. POOR KID! He's crying again. Must go soothe.


The Pagleys said...

I am so glad you are feeling better. Being sick is certainly no picnic! At least, hopefully, you are all well to enjoy this Easter weekend. Take care of yourself and enjoy.