Saturday, March 1, 2008

notes to all my friends

dear snow,
please stop. we love you, but really. enough is enough.

dear march,
you haven't even started yet, and already, you are too long and non-descript. you need to please get yourself a personality. you just tag yourself onto winter and stick around, doing nothing for me.

dear adrienne,
half-marathon training starts on monday. are we ready?

dear cable man,
thank you for coming over in the snow storm to get us online and cable-ready. (we have our old phone number back, everone).

dear new house,
i love you. i especially love your laundry room upstairs by my bedroom. i love your sunny glow during the day. i love your automatic ice maker. i love your old, creaky sounds.

dear students,
i promise i will start grading your essays again soon. i know i can't use "i'm moving" as an excuse to be behind anymore. thank you for continuing to write and write and write.

dear mailman,
where is my mail? didn't you get the notice about us moving?

dear coffee,
i love you. you are perfect. i cannot live without you.

dear blog readers,
thanks for being so loyal and fun and caring for us. please come on over for a visit.

dear skyler,
as soon as reed goes down for his nap, we will bake bread like I promised.

dear reed,
i'm sorry you have such a runny nose. aren't you feeling sleepy now?

dear sam,
thank you for letting me go to bed at 8 pm and letting me sleep until 8:30 am. and for the pot of coffee waiting for me.


Meredith said...

dear new house,
thanks for waiting for us. we can't wait to move into you and live down the road from our dear friends.

dear buyers of our old house,
where are you? the house looks perfect...just come see!

dear emilie,
thanks for your best, cutest and smartest post ever.

Kara said...

Many thanks for keeping me entertained throughout the week!! Gl with your training!!!

PS Sam is great!!

Frederique said...

well, I decided that although we don't know each other, I love your blog and look forward to more!!! Great new house, I envy the laundry room upstairs as mine is still down in the basement; dreadful!!! Frederique, close friend of Christine!

Sarah said...

dear long lost friend i haven't seen in 15 years,
i love reading your blog. it makes me laugh out loud and sometimes even cry. it is a lovely part of my day. friend, you need to write a book. i would buy it.

Donna said...

I have just stumbled across your blog. I love it. I'm in Australia and we never get snow as deep as I can see in your pictures there!

I also envy your upstairs laundry room haha!

Tiercy said...

I love this post!! Very creative Emilie.

Kara said...

your blog is international now!!!