Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Fair

What do you do in Bangor when it is the last weekend in March and it is SNOWING?

Go to the Bangor Y's Spring Fair, of course. What fun for the 3 and under set. Sandi took some amazing shots of the kids and mine sort of sucked, so I stole these from the Carver blog. Because Suzanne and I had babies strapped to us, Sandi ended up going on all the rides and got the best shots, especially on the tea cup twirly ride (the one I can barely look at while it spins by me.). Skyler, apparantly, has not inherited my motion sickness.


Stephani Nola said...

my sister and i braved the "tea cup" spinny ride with our cousin, kylie. i went from fanning myself, to moaning and groaning, to shutting my eyes and praying for stillness. for the rest of the day, like my mother before me, i said, "i'm getting dizzy just LOOKING at them!"

still green. guh.

Christine said...

Unfortunately we missed out on the teacups because someone else obviously shouldn't have been riding them. I think you know what I mean. Glad you had fun!