Monday, April 7, 2008

Early SAT prep?

Sam has taught me something about parenting Skyler in the last few weeks. He is known to go into great detail when explaining things to her or answering her questions. He doesn't give her the 3-year old version, as I tend to do.

When I cook with Skyler, she pours pre-measured ingredients into the bowl and stirs for me. When Sam cooks with her, he explains knife techniques, tells her in-depth descriptions of dish he is making, explains the difference between leeks and scallions.

He also uses a rather sophisticated vocabulary with her and teaches her big words. I laugh inwardly at this tactic, or say to him: "Sam, she's three."

Last week, Sam taught Skyler about synonyms when they were at the pool and discussing the relationship between bucket and pail. "They are synonymous," he taught her.

One week later, my mom was reading a book to Skyler called Babushka's Doll. After finishing the book, I heard my mom say to Skyler: "Do you know what Babushka means?"
Skyler: "Yes. Grandmother."
My mom: "Do you know what Omom means?"
Skyler: "Yes. Grandmother. They are synonymous."
My mom: "Excuse me?"

She heard correctly. Skyler had applied her understanding of the word to a whole new situation. I was really surprised. Since then, she has used it correctly in several ways. Sam was right to give her this new word.

And this weekend, I thanked her for working so nicely with me to build a block tower.

"Sure, mom. I like collaborating with you."


Tiercy said...

Cute story! Has to make Sam smile.